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"Billionaire Body Care was created to offer luxury affordable body care products that target the most common skin care issues such as eczema, hyperpigmentation, psoriasis and others. Our products are formulated with scientifically proven and researched active ingredients that directly target your body care concerns and leave you feeling like a billionaire."

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A message from the founder

“ I created this brand to fulfil the needs of people who struggle with the skin on their body just as much as the skin on their face. Billionaire Body Care is much more than looking good, it is also about feeling good. Health is wealth and taking care of your skin shouldn’t just be about aesthetics, it should be about maintaining a healthier you. Billionaire Body Care’s mission is to change the face of skincare. It is important for people to have a holistic approach to skincare because the skin on your body matters too. Body care is more than an investment in products, it’s an investment in you “

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*All products have undergone cosmetic safety testing, by a licensed UK cosmetic safety assessor, to ensure safe use on its intended audience. Please always read the instructions, caution and safety information found on the label of your product.*