Top 6 tips to keep your skin hydrated this winter

Top 6 tips to keep your skin hydrated this winter

As we move through the winter months, the rapid drop in temperature can take a toll on the barrier of the skin. Cold temperatures bring along harsh winds, low levels of humidity and snow. These environmental changes can exacerbate inflammatory skin diseases such as rosacea, eczema and psoriasis; facilitated through trans-epidermal water loss (loss of water through the skin) and the entrance of irritants which increase skin sensitivity. Environmental changes are not the only factors that can cause damage to the skin. Sudden changes in the weather are associated with subsequent lifestyle changes like use of central heating in the home, and an increase in hot showers. The actions that counteract the cold temperatures outside actually contribute to dryness and inflammation of the skin. Keeping the skin hydrated is of the upmost importance especially during the winter as the weather can lead to cracked skin, inflammation and prolonged dryness. But don’t worry, Billionaire Body Care has your back. So here are our top 6 tips for keeping your skin hydrated this winter

1. Avoid long hot showers

Hot baths/showers can strip the skin of moisturising oils and increase the risk of trans-epidermal water loss. Stick to 5-10 minute showers at a lukewarm temperature; this will prevent dryness over time and the exacerbation of skin conditions such as eczema.

2. Opt for a cream cleanser

Light weight cleansers are great for controlling sebum production in the summer but in the winter your skin needs a cleanser that’s more hydrating to protect the epidermal barrier. Opting for a hydrating cream cleanser will ensure that your skin receives the TLC it needs. Our Billionaire Body Wash with 2% SA and green tea as well as our Billionaire Body Wash with African Black Soap both contain shea butter which thickens the formula and adds a layer of protection to prevent loss of hydration. 

3. Try a hydrating mist with humectants

Hydrating mists containing humectants like hyaluronic acid and glycerine add extra moisture into the skin creating a plump feeling. The Billionaire Body Toner has a perfect balance of hydrating ingredients to ensure you don't experience moisture loss this winter !

4. Choose a good moisturiser

Try out a thicker moisturiser to add further hydration and seal in moisture. Ingredients such as shea butter, oats and fatty oils are key ingredients to look out for ! Apply this to damp skin for the best results. For severely dry skin, try using a non-comedogenic oil such as the Billionaire Body Oil or petroleum based product on top of your moisturiser to take advantage of its occlusive properties and ability to seal in moisture. Check out our Billionaire Body Cream with Oat Blend which has a thicker creamy feel and texture as well as a plethora of moisturising agents to lock in hydration. 

5. Apply moisturisers soon after showers

Most moisturisers contain powerful humectants that perform best on damp skin so do your skin a favour and apply it soon after a shower or application of a hydration mist. Improper use of humectant containing moisturisers can actually do more harm than good so make sure you read the manufacturer instructions.


Although it may be the middle of winter, the sun has no days off! UV rays can still penetrate the skin, leading to long term damage of the epidermal barrier. Snow and ice can actually enhance the damaging effect of the sun, bouncing UVB rays and causing them to hit the skin twice! Therefore, skipping SPF should be avoided at all costs, especially if you have sensitive skin.